We are dedicated in high technology systems development.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of high technology design is the key to our success, especially with projects that require high quality and reliability. Our field of expertise is automation systems including the use of PLCs, analog and digital electronics design, mechanical systems prototyping and small volume production. We design a large variety of automation system and arrange for the final implementation and installation of the system. We improve existing developments and installations. We also design complicated projects of any size.

We use the latest technology electronics.

In the field of electronics where technology runs at high speed volumes, we use only the latest technologically advanced electrical components and systems in order to have maximum performance in minimum size and always the best solution for our implementation.

The completed final product is our goal.

The overall performance of the product itself is the most important factor for the successful marketing of the product, which consist of the perfect quality and combination of all parts of the product: electronics, mechanical, and appearance. The overall performance is our main aspect, including excellent functionality and reliability.

LT engineering